Because the night belongs to cocktails, because the night belongs to us…

Travellers, married couples, sybarites, foodies, enchanted minds… La Rambla is so full in contrasts that’s impossible not to find a place that fancies you. Beeing night lover’s meeting point since the 19th century, it give you a wide range of cocktail bars to have a drink and enjoy Barcelona like a local. These are…

1. Bosc de les fades

Address: Passatge de la Banca, 7
Average price: between € 6 – € 8.

Here the most enchanted bar in Barcelona (and possibly in Europe). It is in a hidden street but if you stop for while and smell the magic, you’ll find it. Fairies, goblins and nymphs welcome you to this forest where you can always see the stars because the night never ends. The perfect place to meet again with that dear childhood friend called imagination.

cocktail bars
Bosc de les Fades | Source: Flickr

2. Boadas Cocktails

Address: carrer dels Tallers, 1
Average price: € 8 -10 €

Founded in 1933, it is the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona. A place to remember historical anecdotes and immerse yourself in the bohemian and glamorous atmosphere of the happy twenties. The bar witnessed Barcelona’s republican years but couldn’t face Franco’s prohibitive regime. After those gray years, it was reopened, becoming a meeting point for the most nostalgic clients. In 2016 Boadas Cocktails lost a little bit of his essence with the death of its hostess, Maria Dolores Boadas-also known as the mestressa. That was hard to swallow for both regular customers and staff , but life goes on and the aim to be constantly updated to satisfy thirsty throats, too.

boadas cocktails
Source: Boadas cocktails


3. Flaherty Irish pubs
Address: Plaza Joaquim Xirau
Average price: between € 1 and € 25, depending on how much beer you can assume.

Let violins and bagpipes sound! We know, this is not exactly a cocktail bar but you can’t deny that the best way to begin the night is an Irish party. Moreover, they have a saying which states A Guinness a day makes the doctor away! If some graduate in medicine has prescribed this, we should follow his words,right? 😉 They have a wide variety of beers and only the the bravest dare to drink one of their towers .. if they can, of course. On Fridays and Saturdays, from 9:30 p.m., they organize live concerts and also broadcast football matches. Here, everyday’s Saint Patrick Day! 

flaherty irish pub
Source: Flaherty Irish Pub

4. Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona

Address: Plaça Catalunya, 21
Average price: € 8 -10 €

Rock souls know they have a home in each city and of course, Barcelona has a place for them. Not only can you listen to good music – There are acoustic concerts from 11:00 to 01:00 every week- but also enjoy a different drink every time you drop into its bar. They have their cocktail menu renewed constantly. With cold’s arrival, for instance, they offer a pair of sexy proposals (spicy The heat or acid Citrus Mary) that seem really good.

hard rock cafe barcelona
Source: Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona

5. Ultramarinos

Address: Les Rambles des Caputxins, 31
Average price: € 9 -10 €

It is a made in New York place which satisfies both foodies and sybarites. Here you can delight yourself with delicious tapas made with Catalan ingredients and taste a variety of wines and cocktails that will let you taste the world without leaving Barcelona. Meet Pisco y Olé, Bloody José! or Piña coladísima, some of their cocktail suggestions.

Source: Ultramarinos Santa Mónica.


6. Le Pop Cocktail

Address: La Rambla, 111
Average price: € 10-€ 13

The right word to define Le Pop Cocktail bar is retro. It is placed in Le Méridien Hotel, also known as the “stars hotel” for having hosted artists like Madonna, Pavarotti, Michael Jackson or Tracy Chapmann. Barcelona’s cosmo essence is reflected in its creations, with suggestive names as Lulu Witch (with Hennessy Vsop, Amaretto Disaronno and pear), Honolulu (Bacardi Blanco, Appleton and Tamarindo) or Mr Grinchdeux (cognac with walnuts and port). Let yourself  flow with jazz and New Wave sounds while savoring an author cocktail.

Mr Grinchdeux cocktail | Source: Le Pop Cocktail Bar.