This 3,600 square meters giant store evidence that Barcelona is in good terms with fashion and architecture.

Barcelona and fashion are like two peas in a pod. Go and have a walk through La Rambla to check that, yes, high fashion brands are in the front row of the street. Zara’s flagship store, at 5 Plaça Catalunya, is one of them. This establishment is peculiar since it is one of the biggest Zara store in the world and maybe, the most beautiful one due to its architectural features.

Inaugurated on December 2016, this giant store offers all Zara’s collections for women, men and children. The most striking thing about this store it’s been adapted to the architectural design of a restored building from the 1930s-which harboured BBVA’s former headquarters. Just enter and admire the coloured crystal vault, the columns and the use of space. It shocks.

Moreover, Zara’s flagship store is sustainable and eco friendly since it is integrated into the environmental strategy of Inditex, addressed to improve energy efficiency and reducing emissions from its establishments.

What’s next?

On the other hand, last February Corte Inglés (Spanish version of Macy’s) announced the closure of its warehouses located at 23 Plaça de Catalunya. By the moment, the space remains empty. However, several companies have already shown interest in the building. Primark, H & M or Inditex brands, among the most popular ones.