Here a month full of tension, colors, victories, chants and defeats. FIFA World Cup Russia is here  and you’d better be prepared with good food and drink.

You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time: the image of your team rising up the World Cup. Such a powerful instant that makes time stop. If you’ve been lucky enough to live this experience in the past, you know what it means: euphoric people in the streets living the time of their lives after that last goal, your neighbors thundering with We are the champions until dawn, tears, huges, love… Nobody knows what will happen between June 14th and July 15th and sadly, there is no Paul the Octopus to predict it. However, we know how to live it big without traveling to Moscow. Welcome to Belushi’s bar, the home of the 2018 Football World Cup.

Belushi’s is the most popular sports bar in Barcelona. This fame does not fall from the sky.  It’s been cultivated match after match. For this reason, they have prepared the best scenario ever to enjoy live the biggest football competition surrounded by your folks. No matter if you support Spain, Germany, Argentina o Brazil, everybody is welcome here! The joy of a goal or the disappointment of a bad strategy have no colors.

El mejor bar de Barcelona para disfrutar del Mundial.


It’s drinking time!

Being in tension for ninety minutes (not to mention the extra time or if there are penalty shoots) is exhausting. That’s why Belushi’s has a wide variety of beers and burgers to charge your battery during the breaks. As for the first thing, pay attention, because they have offers made to enjoy with both friends and rivals:

  • Two for-€6 Spirit and Mixer
  • Two for-€5 Bottles Carlsberg
  • €10 Bucket of 5x Bottles San Miguel beer
  • €10 Jug of Draft Beer or Sangria
  • Four for €10 Jagerbombs

The party does not end there, you little pirate. It does start here! Belushi’s is one of those bars in which it is impossible to get in if there is an important game. Football World Cup is, of course, no exception. That’s why you have the option to book some of these plans, which we recommend if you don’t want to improvise. All include queue jump.

El Belushi’s también es conocido por sus hamburguesas.


  • Normal Games: € 5 per person, includes one drink,  no guaranteed seating.
  • Big Games: € 10 per person, includes two drinks but neither guarantees sitting.
  • Big Groups: ten people maximum. Guarantees seating and includes pre order food and drink. Custom packages available on request.



A complete football experience

The big projectors and 10+ plus flat screen TVs  of Belushi’s have so quality that you’ll see how your favorite players sweat. Being an international bar, the competition will be broadcast in English. Good drink, better football… Can it be better?

Yes it does! On a daily basis Belushi’s is also popular for its good music taste (rock sounds all time) and their burgers: huge, tasty and dripping with sauces. The embodiment of food porn. Of course, you can order them while enjoying the competition.  Now, the moment is perfect.

Belushi’s is in carrer de Bergara, 3, between Universitat and Plaça de Catalunya. It opens from 11:00 to 02:00 A.M and, apart of the above mentioned, it also has three sunny terraces and gardens to chill and enjoy Mediterranean sun.