Live the city like a local and take the most of the spring having a walk through the most colorful and cheerful gardens in Barcelona.

Take advantage of the upcoming good weather and enjoy the most wonderful gardens and parks of Ciutat Vella. Are we missing anyone?

Jardins del Palau Robert

The route through the most beautiful gardens of Barcelona starts here, at Palau Robert. They are, without doubt, one of the greenest areas of the city. There is a wide variety of trees, flowers and ferns. An ideal place to get in touch with nature without leaving the city center. In addition, Palau Robert is an early 20 century building that today is used as the headquarters for several exhibitions of contemporary art.

jardines de barcelona
Jardins del Palau Robert.


Jardins de la Universitat

In your walk towards La Rambla visit Jardins de la Universitat de Barcelona, ​​one of the most special green spots in the city. A small and peaceful are with almost 250 species of plants. It has a medieval cloister to welcome everyone, whether you are a student, a family or a curious stroller.

jardines de barcelona
Jardins de la Universitat.
Jardins de Rubió i Lluch

Jardins de Rubió i Lluch are located very close to La Boqueria Market. They are an oasis of oxygen and calm in the midst of the usual bustle of La Rambla. The strongest point of this site is that it combines several architectural styles ranging from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century.

gardens in barcelona
Jardins de Rubió i Lluch


Jardí de la Casa Ignacio Puig

It is another of the secret gardens that are near La Rambla, specifically between the Liceu theater and La Boqueria. An  oasis surrounded by grass, trees and magnolias. Although it was built in 1861 it is still one of Barcelona’s best kept secrets.

jardines de barcelona
Jardí de la Casa Ignacio Puig.


Jardins del Baluard and the Portal of Santa Madrona

They surround Barcelona’s medieval city wall, which was raised in the XIV Century. Here you can find Portal of Santa Madrona, one of the best preserved medieval doors in the city. Visits are permitted only first and third Sundays of the month.

jardines de barcelona
Jardins del Baluard | Source: Museu Marítim de Barcelona.


Other gardens in Barcelona that are worthwhile

Outside Ciutat Vella there are green spaces that are made to get lost, fall in love and chill out from this impatient and overstimulated society. In Sarrià-Sant Gervasi there are the Tamarita Gardens, one of the most romantic places in Barcelona. It brings you back to those times when the Catalan high bourgeoisie built imposing gardens next to their mansions. This makes it a living example of a private garden that has become public.

In Sants-Montjuïc you have the extensive Jardins del Laribal, a delightful walk for Spring. Its colorful flora and the sound of the water of the waterfalls corroborate it. In Horta, next to the labyrinth, you have Palau de les Heures or Casa Gallart. If you want to feel like Kirsten Dunst strolling through Versailles in Marie Antoinette, it’s the closest thing you’ll find around here.

jardines de barcelona
Jardines de la Tamarita.