There are several love spots in La Rambla that are perfect to succeed on a first date or give a surprise to your better half.

Love is like a flower: to keep it alive and fresh, you must  water it every day. That’s why it’s important to surprise your partner as much as you can. No matter how much you love someone, you never completely know him or her. The same goes for La Rambla: no matter how many times you’ve walked through it, it always amazes you with a new work of art, a historical anecdote or an original bar. That makes it one of the most romantic streets in Barcelona and the perfect place to surprise that special person.

If you want to know how to take advantage of Cupido’s favorite street, you can’t miss these love spots in La Rambla.

Canaletas Fountain

You know it because it is the place where FC Barcelona celebrates its victories but there is more than meets the eye. A legend claims that if you drink from its water, you’ll return to Barcelona. Make it happen with your loved one and enjoy the flower parades, the street artists or the original Christmas lighting.

Picture of Canaletas Fountain.


2. Rambla Café
Address: carrer de Portaferrissa, 1

Here we have one of the most charming restaurants on the street. It is the foodie space of Palau Moja, the Catalan heritage house. A perfect place to discover the history of Catalonia while tasting a meal made with local products or a hot chocolate with melindros. The restaurant includes a shop, so if you want to give that special person something local, it is the moment.

Rambla Café | Source: Rambla Café


3. Carrer petritxol

If you go through Portaferrissa street, you’ll find this place that always smells like waffles and chocolate. It is said that the best way to conquer someone is through the stomach and precisely here are the best chocolate bars in Barcelona. Dulcinea, La Pallaresa or Granja M.Viader (creators of Cacaolat) are the most emblematic ones. Close to this sweet hot post there is Santa María del Pi square, where the Fair of traditional Catalan products is located. A charming place, especially on Christmas.

chocolate en la rambla
Chocolate with ‘churros’ at La Pallaresa | Source: Kristina Perdida.


4. ‘Kiss Square’

Its real name is Plaza de Isidre Nonell but locals name it the ‘Kiss square’ because of artist Joan Fontcuberta’s Photomosaic. The artwork is composed of 4,000 tiles of images provided by the citizens and gives a powerful message: ‘The world with every kiss’. If it is one of your first dates and the mistletoe trick nas not worked, try this second chance.

love spots in la rambla
The kiss.


5. Sant Felip Neri

Next to the Kiss square there is one of the quietest love spots in La Rambla and saddest places in Barcelona. Sant Felip Neri square receives its name from the baroque style church that stands on it. On its walls you can still see the consequences of a bomb dropped during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The attack resulted in forty-two victims, most of them children who had taken refuge in the basement of the church. That’s why here you breathe peace but also some discomfort.

sitios romanticos en la rambla
Plaça de Sant Felip Neri at Barcelona


6. Rambla de Mar

After the Monument to Columbus, in the Port Vell (old port of Barcelona), a footbridge located on the water joins the Maremagnum shopping center with the rest of Barcelona. Walking it is a delight, especially at sunset. Perfect for a first date.

love spots in la rambla
Sunset at Rambla de Mar.