Wanna to try something different? These freak bars in La Rambla will surprise you as much as the LOST series finale.

Cambridge Dictionary defines freak as someone who looks strange or behaves in a strange way or someone who is very interested in something. The word can be used to describe both the guy who knew what a demogorgon was before Stranger Things and the other who knows everything about the Kardashians.

The point is that all these “special” people may go somewhere on weekends. If you go out on a Saturday night, you’ll discover that there is a variety of places to find them. Such is the weirdness of some customers that Chalmun’s Cantina looks a kindergarten. These are the quirk bars in La Rambla that will blow your mind. Are we missing any of them?

1. Bosc de les Fades
Address: Passatge de la banca, 7

It is Barcelona’s Wax Museum bar, ​​a mysterious and magic place where nothing is what it seems. It has the magic of Rivendell and the good vibes of The Shire. A fantastic place to drop in after walking through La Rambla.

Butterflies at Bosc de les Fades | Picture: Flickr

2. Nevermind
Address: carrer d’Escudellers Blancs, 3

If you are completely mad with everything that has to do with skating (aesthetics, tables, punk rock, grunge, graffiti …), this is your must. A perfect place to have some beers after a day skating at MACBA.  If you are skillful, there is a skate park inside the bar to show off your tricks.

bares frikis en la rambla
Source: Red Bull.

3. Madame Jasmine
Address: Rambla del Raval 22

If your Christmas wish is having Rihanna’s puffer jacket and your spotify is full of trap playlists and tacky 80’s songs, this is your place. Madame Jasmine is the most decadent bar in Barcelona. Here everything is ‘ugly’ ugly, horrifying, repulsive, grotesque… Seriously, there are not enough adjectives define so much monstrosity. One of his customers is “The Dog Man”, a bizarre performer behaving as if his name was Toby and was completely normal for him smelling asses and drinking water from a bowl. There’s enough trauma  living it once in life but you should.

bares frikis en la rambla
Madame Jasmine bathroom(Seriously, this is the least weird thing they have).


4. Polaroid bar
Address: carrer dels Còdols, 29

Can you say by heart all Back to the Future quotes? Do you still record on Super-8? Not assuming that shoulder pads fashion was over thirty years ago? Then, Polaroid Bar is your place. Here you can drink a Hulk, Papa Smurf or Elmo cocktail while listening to Bananarama or Queen. A complete ode to the eighties that will satisfy both you and your nostalgic parents.

bares frikis en la rambla
Source: Polaroid Bar

5. Sor Rita Bar
Address: carrer de la Mercé, 27

Having a drink something at Sor Rita is like being in an Almodóvar movie: leopard tapestries, colored furniture, travestis… On Mondays, a fortune-teller offers tarot readings, on Thursdays it’s karaoke time and on Saturdays, they play bingo. If you want to deep in the vulgarian side of Spain, this is the perfect place.

bares frikis en la rambla
Source: Sor Rita

6. The Bollocks
Address: carrer Ample 46

You wore Los Ramones shirts before H & M perverted them and on weekends you follow Kurt Cobain’s live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse philosophy. Hence, you must know this bar in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It proclaims itself the rock and heavy metal temple in Barcelona and has reasons to do so. Going inside the Bollocks is immersing in a dark chaos: walls decored with stickers, graffitis and photos, a pinball machine, a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling…God save the Sex Pistols, Bollocks cheap beers.

bares frikis en la rambla
Source: Tripadvisor

7. Hell Awaits Metal Bar
Address: carrer de les Tàpies 21

Its Facebook fanpage is clear: they are an old school metal bar. If you look for a place to small talk while enjoying a gin-tonic, then go and find another place. This is hell and hey, is not bad at all.Ok, there are scary skulls, need to shout to make you understand and it’s a bit hot. Living on the cover of an Iron Maiden album is not that bad. If you count the days to enjoy Barcelona’s Rock Fest or the Wackend, is the appropriate place to wait.

bares frikis en la rambla
Source: Hell Awaits

Main picture’s source: www.magicabarcelona.com