What you should know about the crowdest street in Barcelona.

La Rambla is so rich in stories, curiosities and secrets that whether you know it like the back of your hand or not, it always manages to surprise you. Here some remarkable facts (even locals don’t know) to understand the enormous importance of the street where everything begins in Barcelona.

1. The word rambla comes from the Arabic term ramla, which means sandy. In the  10th and 11th Centuries, the rainwater coming from the Collserola mountain went down through this gradient to flow into the sea. As a result, the area ended up covered in sand.

2. La Rambla gathers five streets in one, that’s why it’s also known as Las Ramblas: these are Canaletas, Estudios, San José, Capuchinos and Santa Mónica.

3. If you drink from the Canaletes fountain, you’ll return to Barcelona.

fuente de canaletas la rambla
Canaletes Fountain at La Rambla.


4. If you drink from the Canaletas fountain, you’ll also become a FC Barcelona fan. Ok, that’s a fake. What’s true is that culés have been celebrating here their team’s achievements for almost ninety years.

5. Núria Restaurant was inaugurated in 1926. Barcelona’s first beer shooter was installed here.

6. Barcelona’s first chain store was located at Rambla dels Estudis, 5. They were called El Siglo and were also pioneers in providing delivery service to their customers.

7. Half past six or twenty five minutes to seven? Poliorama Theater’s clock states de official time in Barcelona.

restaurantes en la rambla nuria
Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona.


More Rambla facts

8. There is  has a fake guard dog that looks like a real one at Palau Moja, the Catalan heritage house,

9. The Gran Teatre del Liceu has a terrible curse. Tragedy, blood and fire mark the history of the building. It was inaugurated in 1847 and was built on the debris of a convent that was destroyed by a fire. Since then, it’s been consumed by flames twice, apart from being the scenario of a terror attack in which 20 people died. Apparently, those who disturb the “peace” of the building are the ghosts of the buried friars, which grumble about the building being a place of pagan celebrations.

10. Bruno Cuadros House, known as the “Umbrella House“, has one of the 400 dragons that are dispersed around Barcelona.

casa bruno cuadros casa de los paraguas 2
Casa Bruno Cuadros at La Rambla.


11. Spain’s only erotic museum is located in La Rambla. There are exposed more than 800 pieces revealing humanity’s most private secrets from ancient Greece until 1920. A good place to be inspired 😉

12. There is a huge mosaic in Pla de l’Os that Joan Miró donated to La Rambla to guide travelers arriving to Barcelona by sea.

13. Christopher Columbus statue does not point to America. He wore FC Barcelona official shirt during a month.

14. La Rambla harbors an enchanted forest inhabited by fairies and goblins where you can always see the stars.

15. Spanish Poet Federico García Lorca said that La Rambla is “the only street in the world which I wish would never end.