There are so many cafes in La Rambla that deciding where to enjoy a cappuccino is really hard. Don’t worry, we do it for you.

Fancy a cup of coffee? If you’re stricken with the caffeine bug but don’t know where to get satisfied, have a look to our top suggestions in La Rambla. Are we missing any place?
1. Rambla Café

Address: carrer de Portaferrisa,1

Located at Palau Moja, the Catalan heritage house, this café invites you to hold a hot coffee in your hands and watch life go by. It is one of these cozy places you’ll need more sooner than later. That means, the perfect refuge for Winter Lovers is at the heart of La Rambla and its chocolate and coffee are waiting for you. If also want a bit to eat, they serve meals made by 100% Catalonian ingredients.

rambla cafe
Source: Palau Moja.


2. Café de l’Opera

Address: La Rambla, 74

If you a Catalan grandmother that you are hanging around Café de l’Opera, she’ll know best what to order.This place has survived the course of time with integrity and if its its walls could talk, they’d tell things you wouldn’t believe. Since it’s foundation in 1929 it’s been a meeting point for people with different political colors, from King Alfonso XIII to trade unionists, anarchists and bohemians. Great Gatsby style, if you know what we mean.

cafes at la rambla
Cafè de L’Òpera at La Rambla.
3. Vienna

Address: La Rambla 115

This food chain is known for its sandwiches-it is said that they’re the best ones in Barcelona-, but its coffees are not a matter of indifference. For a fairly cheap price (considering the location), you get your caffeine dose with a sweet piece of croissant, a house courtesy that is appreciated.

4. Artisa Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Colom, 2

Located at Plaça Reial-Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter main entrance- Artisa is a small gastronomic which serves meails cooked with local ingredients. One of his mottos is that “A meal without dessert is like a suit without a tie”. That’s why they work hard to make their customers happy with homemade pancakes, carrot cakes and typical crema catalana. Don’t forget complement your whim with a Marrochino, that is, a cappuccino with Nutella.

5. Amorino

Address: La Rambla, 125

There’s no need to travel to Italy to taste a real cappuccino or a good ice cream. Here, you can get it in the twinkling of an eye. They call themselves artisan gelatto makers but their warm drinks supply-chocolate, tea and a wide range of coffee types-will warm yourself up.