Mona de Pascua is an Easter Cake traditionally from Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia. It symbolizes that the abstinences of Lent have ended and that it is time to enjoy.

La Mona de Pascua is a Easter cake typical of Catalonia, the Region of Valencia and Murcia. The tradition states that the godfathers and grandfathers give it to their godchildren as a present on Easter Sunday to eat as a family next day.  The real Mona de Pascua is a coca or thread filled with as many eggs as the kid ages.

According to historians, there were already Monas in the fifteenth century . By the way, they are called like that because they come from the Arabic term mûna, which means gift or provision of food. Moriscos used to give this sweet ellaboration to their masters to celebrate that Lent was over.

easter cake
Mona de Pascua, an Easter tradition in Catalonia


Today, Monas de Pascua’ s look can’t be more succulent. They are real pastry constructions that attract both children and adults. They can gobble up Nemo, Mickey Mouse or Doraemon and going back in time with the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.

One of the most awaited Monas is that one designed by pastisseria Escribà every year. This time the protagonist is BB-8, the cute robot of the new Star Wars saga (A.K.A the R2D2 millennial version). If you want to see how good it looks, head from La Rambla to its patisserie in Gran Vía 546 and start drooling.

easter cake
Catalan Easter cake in the shape of BB-8.