La Rambla stars in many of the most popular songs dedicated to Barcelona and its magic.

Flowers,  artists, people … La Rambla is a very special street. Such is its magnetism that some of the most popular artists of all times have fall in love with the street. It sounds in all kind of songs, from controversial Ed Sheeran’s Barcelona to Catalan artist Peret. La Rambla has power and these 8 songs are about it. Are we missing any one?

La Rambla

It is the song that honors the victims of the 2017 Barcelona attactks. Up to 50 artists grouped under the name of Músicos por La Rambla have displayed their talent “transforming pain” into bravery and “transmitting the true essence” of Barcelona. It is interpreted in several languages to show the open character of the most visited street in Barcelona.


 Joan Manuel Serrat-Les Floristes de La Rambla

There is no songwriter more in love with Barcelona than Joan Manuel Serrat. For this reason, it is not surprising he ended up singing to the florists of La Rambla. Quimi Portet composed the original lyrics and music in 1962. The song was included it in the album Banda sonora d’un temps, d’un país (1996). It was a tribute to Nova Cançó, an artistic movement that promoted Catalan language during Franco dictatorship (who had forbidden it). It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful pieces about La Rambla that have been written.


Manu Chao-Rumba de Barcelona

Manu Chao likes to drop by the Catalan capital. Usually by surprise. Born in Barcelona, ​​he has left his mark on La Rambla with the Mariatchi bar. In his Rumba de Barcelona he portrays a street in constant movement, diverse and full of life.

Quimi Portet-La Rambla

Catalan singwriter Quimi Portet is a great defender of the Catalan language and culture. His discography evidences it. When the former member of Spaish band El Último de la Fila began his solo career he released 1997 album Hoqueri sobre pedres, which contained this track titled La Rambla. His melody is so catchy you can stop singing it.


Radio Futura-La Negra Flor

In 1987 Spanish band Radio Futura released the album La canción de Juan Perro, which opened the door to international music industry. This includes La Negra Flor, considered one of the best Spanish pop rock songs of all times. Listen to the song and check it by yourself.

Peret-Gitana Hechichera

It has become the unofficial anthem of the city and its Barcelona tiene poder (Barcelona has power) in a war cry. Catalan rumba’s father composed this theme to the closing ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Game. It became the summer hit of that year and the strength of its lyrics have remained (and will remain) throughout the years.

Ed Sheeran-Barcelona

In 2017 British artist caused controversy with Barcelona, ​​bonus track of his album Divide. He was accused of composing a piece full of clichés. He mixes expressions like Drinking Sangria, my girl, I love you my love with Las Ramblas or the Sagrada Familia. Sheeran himself would recognize on a radio program that those sentences did not make much sense and that he used some words he knew. Judge by yourself