It is possible to enjoy Barcelona in a weekend if you know how to do so. Here a list of plans to get the most of this wonderful city.

Only have two days to visit Barcelona and don’t know what to do with them? Don’t worry. Here some suggestions of how enjoying Barcelona in a weekend not only as a traveller, but also how locals do.

Saturday morning-La Rambla

All you can do in Barcelona starts in one point: La Rambla. It is one of the liveliest streets in Europe and a start point to discover the city. Begin your tour from the Canaletas Fountain, where FC Barcelona fans celebrate their team’s victories. It is smaller than you imagined, isn’t it? It is said that if you drink from its water, you’ll go back to Barcelona.

Start walking down the street and make a stop at Rambla Café, Palau Moja’s restaurant. In this cozy place you can taste how Catalan gastronomy tastes like so write it down if you come by at lunch time. For breakfast you can try traditional xocolata amb melindros (hot chocolate with melindros), the sweetiest way to begin the day.

If you’re still hungry, you can’t miss La Boqueria,  the best fresh market in the world according to CNN. Foodies and inhabitants know that La Boqueria is the best place to buy quality meat, fish and vegetables. It is impossible to find it without people but the product worths the cue.


Fruits at La Boqueria market


Next to La Boqueria there is Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona opera house. If can book tickets for any show, great. If not, visit this old Renaissance-style building and its amazing Auditorium.

Plaça Reial is close to the Liceu and we can say it is the main entrance to the Gothic Quarter. Its streetlights were designed by Antoni Gaudí when he was an unknown architect. We’ll be back to that point. A few steps from this lively square there is artist Joan Miró’s Mosaic, a work of art that was designed to welcome travellers arriving to Barcelona and a symbol of La Rambla.

mosaic miro
Joan Miró’s Mosaic at La Rambla.


Saturday evening-Gothic Quarter

The best way to live the Gothic Quarter is getting lost in its streets. Don’t worry if you don’t see any monument, they’ll find you. One hotspot is the Barcelona Cathedral, a Gothic building that was constructed from the 13rd to the 15th century. If you are a Christmas lover you are lucky. In the outskirts of the cathedral there is Fira Santa Llúcia, a huge Christmas market where you can find any kind of decoration.

barcelona in a weekend
Barcelona Cathedral


Close to the Barcelona Cathedral you can find Santa Maria del Bar church, known as the Cathedral of the Sea thanks to spanish writer Ildefonso Falcones best seller. It we built by and for humble workers and fishers in the 14th century, which makes this hotspot a very special place.

Saturday night-Back to La Rambla

Don’t know where having dinner before going out and have some fun? Here a list of the restaurants you can’t miss in La Rambla fow anything in this world and some cocktail bars to have a drink (or two).

Sunday morning-Modernism and Gaudí

It’s time we have a talk about Gaudí. You are in Barcelona and want to know more about him. Get ready because the end of the week won’t be quiet. Remember the street lights of Plaça Reial? Well, they are not the only Gaudí creation in La Rambla. There is also Palau Güell, one of his first big assignments. In this building he experimented with dragons and trencadís his most famous technique.

Museos de Barcelona.
Palau Güell main entrance.


Now is time to get the subway in Liceu (watch out! it is the only station in Barcelona where you can’t move from one platform to another) and stop in Passeig de Gràcia. Between Aragó street and  Consell de Cent street there is the so called Block of discord, a group of modernist buildings designed by architects Domènech i Montaner (Casa Lleò Morera),  Josep Puig i Cadafalch (Casa Amatllier) and Gaudí’s famous Casa Batlló. Which is the most beautiful house? Here’s the point.

barcelona in a weekend
Casa Batlló and Casa Amatllier overview.

Sunday afternoon-Sagrada Família

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona in a weekend. Sadly, the city deserves more than 48 hours. Good news are you have an excuse to go back and visit Park Güell, Ciutadella park’s Fountain, el Raval neighbourhood or Montjuïc. Bad news, you are leaving.

Before taking this plane/train, it is mandatory to visit Sagrada Família Church. Is a large unfinished Roman Catholic building designed by Antoni Gaudí. It is financed by private donations, that is the reason why it has not been completed. Its facade is so astonishing as the inside (we suggest doing the visit early in the morning or in the evening to enjoy the light effects in the color glasses of the windows. Sagrada Família is a very interesting masterpiece since the original design was burned during Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) so we’ll never know how Gaudí conceived the project. They say it will be finished in 2026, 144 years after its foundation stone.

barcelona in a weekend
Perspective of Sagrada Familia.


Now is time to leave Barcelona. Remember you drank from the Canaletas Fountain so now, you must go back to Barcelona.