If you want to make a tour to discover where he best carrot cakes in Barcelona are, ​​we suggest you starting from La Rambla.

Carrot cakes are trendy. Moreover, you can find them in almost all restaurants since it is de dessert everybody demands. Finding the best carrot cakes in Barcelona is difficult but not impossible. There are only two conditions to achieve this: go through La Rambla and forget about the diet. Can you do that? Then, read our suggestions.

1. Rambla Cafe
Address: carrer de Portaferrissa, 1

Do you have a room for dessert? If not, it is time to build one because once you enter Rambla Café, it is very difficult to leave. Not only they serve one of the best carrot cakes in Barcelona, but also Catalan chocolate with melindros and croissants. The place is warm and cozy, perfect to refugee from winter. Moreover, it combines culture and gastronomy since it is located at Palau Moja, the perfect place to discover Catalan heritage. Can you think of a better plan?

best carrot cakes in barcelona
Carrot cake


2. Pudding Coffee Shop
Address: carrer de Pau Claris, 90

Do you like Alice in Wonderland? If you want to have tea in the Mad Hatter way, check this place. Inspired in Lewis Carroll’s classic,  it is as magical as it is chaotic: colors, mushrooms, flowers, cards…Their homemade cakes are famous in Barcelona, ​​especially the carrot one. This coffee shop is perfect for children. They have a special area to play and special workshops for them. If you are an adult you will also enjoy it. Everybody needs some madness in their lives, right?

Source: Pudding Cafe.


3. Spice Cafe
Address: carrer de Margarit, 13

The atmosphere is lively and pleasant, with long wooden tables, in the style of American coffee shops. There is people at any time of the day. Furthermore, their creamy carrot cakes and delicious coffees are the main ingredients of their success. Impossible not falling in love with this coffee shop.

Source: Spice Cafe.


4. Café Cometa
Address: carrer del Parlament, 20

Yes. This is  that place your hipster friend can’t stop talking about. You can go there for everything: have brunch, drinking smoothies, enjoying gintonics and of course, trying their famous carrot cake. The coffee shop is small, with a minimalist decoration inspired in Danish cafés. Once assumed your ‘modernity’, don’t miss Café Cometa’s brothers: Cosmo, Orion and La central. A delicious constellation of flavors.

mejores tartas de zanahoria de Barcelona
Source: Café Cometa.


5. Tarannà Cafe
Address: carrer del Parlament, 20

Tarannà is a Catalan word designing someone’s personality and way of acting. It is also a Catalan free jazz group known for its exciting improvisations. And one of the most popular cafes in San Antoni. It is a few minutes from La Rambla and the first thing that strikes you is its industrial decoration: blue doors, low lamps, white brick walls, an open space … The second thing, its eclectic menu. Can’t miss their homemade quiche, the ‘farsellet’, the payés bikini and for its course, one of the best carrot cakes in Barcelona.

Source: Tarannà Café