We bet these days you’ve been thinking hard in what you can improve in this incoming year. These are the challenges for La Rambla in 2018.

Quit smoking, do more sport, retake an old hobby … A new year opens the door to those things that you always leave aside because “you are too busy”, “you don’t have the time” or “you feel lazy”. These are the wishes and challenges that await to La Rambla in 2018. Which are yours?

1. A more local street

La Rambla has always welcomed both locals and travelers with open arms and this year it will recover that multicultural spirit. It is time to recover the stories, anecdotes and characters that have marked the evolution of this emblematic tour. Hopefully the neighbors and merchants will walk “Rambla up”, “Rambla down” again. These 1.2 kilometers still have a lot to say.

la rambla in 2018
Illustration of La Rambla.
2. Enjoy the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Next twelve months the most emblematic buildings and monuments of Barcelona will star in a year dedicated exclusively to them. La Rambla in 2018 will be a busy street because it contains the Palau Moja (the Catalan heritage house),  Palau Güell (one of Gaudí’s first works) or  Palau de la Virreina.

palau moja la rambla
Palau Moja, the Catalan Heritage House.


4. See the stars

This 2018 there will be several astronomical events that can not be ignored: on January 31 and in July it is expected a total lunar eclipse and on the 27th of that month, planet Mars will make its closest approach to Earth from 2003. Hopefully you can enjoy the magic of the night sky from La Rambla del Mar (the ancient port of Barcelona).

Port Vell at night.


5. An Hotel Oriente as before

This legendary building of the nineteenth century has hosted such important figures as Maria Callas or Hans Christian Andersen. One of its objectives is to be the point of reference of the great personalities of our time. Will it succeed?

hotel oriente
Hotel Oriente at La Rambla.


6. Win the Lottery

Why not?

7. A Boqueria market number one

In 2017 CNN named it one of the best fresh markets in the world. Hopefully that will be repeated this year.

La Rambla in 2018
Fruits at La Boqueria market.


7. Becoming the most famous street in the world

 100 million people walk through La Rambla each year. It has a great chance to compete with emblematic streets as Fifth Avenue, the Champs Elysees or Abbey Road.

8. And kisses,lots of kisses!

What would be a list of purposes and wishes for 2018 if love was not included? La Rambla in 2018 will be one of the most romantic walks in Barcelona and will surely be the scene of some other scene worthy of Romeo and Juliet. Remember what the mosaic of the square Isidre Nonell says: ‘the world is born with every kiss’.