Star Wars is good for everything, even to explain those thoughts that cross your mind every time you go through the most emblematic walk of Barcelona.

1. When you walk through La Rambla on a Monday at eight in the morning.

2. When you are told anecdotes from La Rambla such as Christopher Columbus monument does not point to America


3. When someone tells you that he no longer walks through La Rambla because “it’s not an authentic street anymore” and “there is nothing to do”.


4. When your friends propose you to meet at Canaletas fountain and there is a Barça match.


5. When they invite you to a concert in the Gran Teatre del Liceu and show up in your best clothes.


6. When you take the subway in Liceu and you are wrong on the platform.


7. When you could clean Petritxol street’s shop windows with your slobs.


8. When you tell your friends that in La Rambla you can eat good, nice and cheap and they do not believe you.


9. When you have your hot chocolate served.


10. When you catch the person you like buying flowers … they are not for you.