Modernism Party is a celebration that recreates how Colònia Güell’ inhabitants lived a hundred years ago.

If you have watched Big Fish, you’ll remember that moment in which Edward Bloom accidentally discovers Spectre, a lost town in a forest where inhabitants walked without shoes and time had stop. That is exactly what happens once a year in Colònia Güell, in Santa Coloma de Cervelló (20 mins away from Barcelona city center). During a weekend, its neighbors recreate a typical day in this industrial colony… a hundred years ago. This anomaly deserved to be told in a movie will happen on October 20 and 21 as a Modernism Party. Of course, you’re totally invited to come!

fiesta del modernismo
Modernism Party recreates how Colònia Güell’s inhabitants lived a century ago.

This magical celebration reproduces the clothes, customs and shops that, at the beginning of the XX century, marked the daily life of one of the most curious textil colonies in Europe. Candy stops on the street, tastings, women wearing Victorian dresses or street artists looking for public are some of the surprises that await the brave visitor who dares to enter this Baix Llobregat’s “Spectre version”.

fiesta del modernismo
The old textil factory located at Colònia Güell.


Back to the past

Colònia Güell’s Modernism Party also brings back the shops of the time and organizes guided tours of the factory. All this in an incomparable architectural setting crowned by Gaudí’s Crypt, one of the best kept secrets of the architect. To the point that in 2005 it was declared a World Heritage Site. There is no better way to complete your modernist experience that visiting this gem and discovering why it was conceived as a monumental model of Sagrada Familia.

Eusebi Güell assigned the construction of the Colònia Güell in 1890 to keep its workers away from the social conflicts that were shaking Barcelona. To ensure both their well-being and their families, he commissioned the design of the buildings and homes of the colony to renowned modernist architects of the time, which makes it one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. The Modernism Party is a unique experience, as unique as a time travel experience. Are you coming?

fiesta del modernismo
Colònia Güell people dressed like a hundred years ago .

Practical information

Remember to buy the tickets to Gaudí’s Crypt in advance. Modernism Party is so popular that tickets are sold out quickly. Colònia Güell is 20 minutes from Barcelona by car and public transport. In fact, FGC trains leave from Plaza España station. Lines are  S3, S4, S8 and S9 and the stop, Colonia Güell.

fiesta del modernismo
Vecinos y vecinas frente a un boceto de la iglesia que Gaudí proyectó en la Colònia Güell.