On February 8th and 22nd you and your creativity have a date with painting at Palau Moja’s Paint Nites. Check how living this experience.

Have you ever stopped to think about your daily routine? Get up early, fight against traffic or public transport, sit at your office chair for hours, go back home, eat something, go to sleep.. That’s everyday. No time for neither improvisation or creativity. Where are they? All of a sudden, they left with the first job contract you signed. There must be an alternative. What’s more, there has to be an alternative to add some color to enjoy this gray existence… Right?

Don’t lose your head, there is. Getting out of your confort zone doesn’t mean leaving all behind and living an adventure in the Amazon rainforest. We have a question for you: When was the last time you filled and empty sheet or colored with wax? Palau Moja, the Catalan heritage house, has a plan to redefine what your “adult life” is. It is called Paint Nites and consist on a professional local artist reconciling you with the creativity and imagination you thought you lost. He teaches you basic watercolor techniques while you’re trying some Catalan wine. Sounds great, isn’t it? You can get your tickets here.

paint nites
Picture of a Paint Nite.

What are the paint nites?

Palau Moja’s Paint Nites are held once or twice a month at 7:30 p.m., a perfect time to do some afterwork. They put the materials, the teacher and the guides and you, the imagination. In these two hours switched off the world there’s only your art piece, your hands and the pens or brushes you’re working with. A perfect plan to enjoy with colleagues or family  or making new friends.

The final result is always satisfying since we all have an artist inside us. There are people who have started a new hobby thanks to this activity. Paint Nites is a concept that was born in the United States and it is celebrated in more than 300,000 locations throughout the country. It seems that this success will be repeated in Barcelona so there’s no reason to forget about this and go on with your life.