These are the best restaurants in La Rambla in Barcelona to check what local gastronomy tastes like. Are we missing someone?

One of the most attractive things of travelling or living in another city is its gastronomy. Moreover, there are people who choose a destination based on the kind of food they serve. If this is your situation, have a look to these restaurants in La Rambla in Barcelona specialized in Spanish and Catalan cuisine. If we miss some place, please let us know in your comments.

1. Restaurant Nùria
Adress: Rambla de Canaletes, 103

It is the first food sign you find when walking through La Rambla in Barcelona and one of its oldest hotspots. It’s been transferred from generation to generation since its foundation in 1926. Furthermore, it has survived to the intense history of Barcelona and a fire. They are experts in national and international meals, always cooked following traditional recipes. As a curiosity, the first beer tap in Barcelona was installed here. Cheers!

Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona.


2. Rambla Café
Address: carrer de Portaferrissa, 1

It is the foodie meeting point of Palau Moja, the Catalan Heritage House. They are focused in Catalan and Mediterranean meals so you should try their canelones (a type of pasta served baked and filled with meat), fricandó (veal stew with a substantial mushroom sauce) or traditional Spanish omelette. In fact, Rambla Café is also a great place to escape from winter drinking hot chocolate with a piece of boulangerie.

Rambla Café | Source: Rambla Café


3. Restaurant Amaya
Address: la Rambla, 20

One of the most important restaurants in La Rambla in Barcelona since it has played an important role in its history. It is also a great point to get into Vasque and Mediterranean meals. It opened in 1940, a complicated time for the most popular street in Barcelona since it was full of people of bad life. Despite this fact, it soon became a temple for the basque people settled in Barcelona, until now. Their baby cuttlefish cooked in their ink or kokotxas (the chin of the hake) are the top dishes.

Entrance of the Amaya Restaurant.


4. Can Culleretes
Address: Carrer d’en Quintana, 5

Another historic restaurant in the heart of Barcelona. According to the Guinness World Records book, it is the first restaurant of the history of Catalonia. If you want to deep in the history of this community, you definitely should try their special menu 1786 to eat like 231 years ago. On the other hand, if your intention is just trying Spanish and Catalan traditional food, ask for the butifarra (type of sausage) with beans or their scrambled eggs with asparagus.

restaurants in la rambla in barcelona
Can Culleretes restaurant.


5. Taller de tapas
Address: Rambla de les flors, 108

This is one of the restaurants in La Rambla Barcelona that appears in Woody Allen’s Vicky, Christina, Barcelona movie. Specialized in Spanish tapas with a modern touch, you can try here typical cod fritter, paella portion, homemade ham croquettes or Galician octopus.

Source: Taller de tapas.