January sales have just started and with them, your animal instinct to find and hunt the best discount. Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations?

Sales wake up our basic instincts. Not only yours but the ones of those people who fill up the streets of La Rambla in search and capture of the best deals. No matter how civilized you’re supposed to be. At this time of the year you turn into another person and do things that under normal circumstances you would criticize. These are…

1. Shoving: good education is conspicuous by its absence in sales times. You can do everything to get your precious bargain, whether pushing, stepping or blocking other people.

2. Buying more than what you really need: discounts confound you and it’s dangerously easy to exceed your expenditure limit. That’s how you end up with the closet full of unworn shirts whose label has not been removed yet.


3. Buying stufft you don’t need: you just wanted a coat and in the end, you bought everything but that. It’s like when you check the time in your mobile phone and end up uploading Instagram stories of what you’re eating.

4. Waiting in kilometric queues:normally you don’t have so much patience but in sales you assume your reality and remain in the queue as long as it takes. Even if the article is two euros cheaper.

5. Check the store windows a thousand times if necessary to supervise if the article has been discounted.


6. Making up a hundred excuses to buy something new: “I need it”, “today is a special day”, “you need  to take care of yourself sometimes”… Is that familiar to you?

7. Entering a store “to have a quick look” and vacate the shelves: the “five minutes glance” can become the worst enemy of your pocket.


8. Buy new collection items: discounted clothes are ugly and you can’t find your size.

9. Spend above your means: in sales you can exhaust  the credit card knowing that next month you’ll only eat rice.


10. Hate: yes, you hate the store clerk who tells you that “if the article isn’t out is because there are no  more sizes left”, to the person who has taken the pants you wanted, to those “discounts” that seem the bargain of the century and are not, to the system because there is no clothes of your size …