Brazilian photographer Bruno Alencanstro sees Barcelona as a big entity composed by smaller planets. Literal.These pics prove it.

You know that saying about every person is a whole world? What if we talked about a city?There are many ways to know Barcelona. From those postcards full of Gaudí designs and sunny beaches to the most quotidien moments, like  a pleasant walk through La Rambla or buying food in La Boqueria or Sant Antoni. These experiences evidence that Barcelona is a city with different personalities. Thanks to technology, we can prove it.

Brazilian photographer Bruno Alencanstro has used a drone to make 360º portraits of Barcelona’s best-known landscapes. His first experiment was the Sagrada Familia and he was so satisfied with the result that he captured La Rambla,  Camp Nou and Ciudadella. The result is incredible.

A look to La Rambla

The most emblematic walk of Barcelona from a bird’s-eye view. 1.2 kilometers condensed in just one blink.

La Rambla in Barcelona.


It smells like Barceloneta spirit

Towells, people, mojitos and beach umbrellas give personality to Barcelona’s most popular beach. Does anyone know what the rocky outcrop dividing this blue planet is?

fotos aéreas de barcelona
La Barceloneta


The magic of Montjuïc

If Olympus existed, its entrance would be a copy of Montjuïc’s National Palace one.

fotos aéreas de montjuic
MNAC and Montjuïc magic fountain.


Return to childhood

Tibidabo is Barcelona’s most vintage theme park and one of the oldest ones in the world.

El Tibidabo.


Touch the sky

At Plaça de les Glòries stands Torre Agbar, one of the most controversial buildings in Barcelona. It is supposed to be drop-shaped but dirty minds don’t think the same. What do you see?

Plaza de Glòries and Torre Agbar.
Bunkers del Carmel

Fact: all these compositions formed by 46 aerial photographs.

fotos aéreas de barcelona
Bunkers del Carmel or Mirador de Turó de la Rovira.



Have a look to the result of 1888 Universal Exhibition, the one that showed the world what Barcelona was able to do.

fotos aéreas de barcelona
Parc de la Ciudadella.


When we were Olympic

The 92 Olympics changed everything. Barcelona developed an enviable urban plan that concluded in scenarios like this Anella Olímpica. Walking around here is remembering those historic moments.

fotos aéreas de barcelona
Anella Olímpica de Montjuïc.