Casa Batlló, Las Arenas Shopping Center or El Molino will shine their façades with the rainbow flag to celebrate World Pride.

Mapping has become a technique used by many buildings in the world to support social rights, denounce injustices or celebrate a special date. As an example, World Cancer Day shines buildings in pink, purple is used in Women’s Day and International Pride Day, the rainbow flag.

This June 28 the Pride flag colors to be projected in the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona, ​​such as Casa Batlló, Hotel W, Las Arenas Shopping Center and El Molino. It will be from 9:00 p.m.. From the Gaudí house, they declare that “This initiative arises to defend LGBT ’s rights and claim freedom. The aim is no one suffering discrimination, inequality or isolation of any kind due to their condition, sexual orientation or gender identity. “

Pride Barcelona 2018 will claim the rights of LGTBI + refugees. An issue dedicated to people who must leave their countries not only because of a war or poverty (or both), but because they fall in love with a person of the same sex or express themselves. From 23 to 30 June, Barcelona will be filled with special activities, family workshops, talks and parties. It is time to celebrate but also to protest the rights of everyone, everyone, everyone.