Wanna know what the land of Frida Khalo and Pancho Villa tastes like? Don’t miss the best Mexican restaurants in La Rambla to discover it.

Mexico and La Rambla have one thing in common. No, we’re not talking about the mariachi hats (by the way, what the hell happened to them?), but the fact  that they are two places you think you know perfectly and reality is that you know nothing. The American country not only involves huge hats, rancheras and tacos. If you’ve seen Coco, the last of Pixar movie,  you know what we mean. If not, in addition to recommending the movie, we suggest you to discover its gastronomy in the best Mexican restaurants in La Rambla and surroundings. Are we missing anyone?

1. El Pachuco
Address: carrer de Sant Pau, 110

If the first thing coming to your mind related with Pachuco is The Mask movie, keep reading. If not, whatever. Located at El Raval, it is highly recommended arriving soon to avoid the line, especially if you come with a group. The waiting worths the while. Both the nachos and guacamole are homemade and the micheladas están de madre. It’s not the best place to recover from the Christmas feasts but you now what they say: don’t commit the crime if you don’t want to do the time.

restaurantes mexicanos en barcelona
El Pachuco | Source: Photo.sh


2. Taco Alto Raval
Address: Rambla del Raval, 4

They are not a restaurant, but a fusion between Mexican taqueria and fast food. They make their products with the typical ingredients of the country and the sauces are homemade. Don’t miss their antojitos such as the Pibil, Chiuaua or Sinaloa tacos. If you got some balls, dare with the Valiente sauce.

restaurantes mexicanos en la rambla
Source: Taco Alto


3. Rosa del Raval
Address: carrer dels Àngels, 6

Several media, bloggers and foodies agree that it is one of the best Mexican restaurants in La Rambla and Barcelona. That’s right. First thing that draws attention is its colorful and ornate decoration, a mixture between Mexico and Barcelona: flower lamps, framed portraits, blue chairs, striking tablecloths … The second, the price. Not only the quality and price of the food but its mojitos and margaritas… for € 3.50! A good example of good, nice and cheap restaurant.

Source: Rosa del Raval


4. El Último Ágave
Address: carrer d’Aragó, 193

Perfect to get some energy before visiting La Rambla since it is very close to Plaça de Catalunya. This authentic Mexican taqueria offers true meals such as Aztec soup (spicy chicken broth with Mexican spices), Guacamolito guacamole sauce or El Gran Padrón, which are nachos made for the starving stomachs.

mexican restaurants in la rambla
Source: El Último Ágave


5. Tamarindo Taquerías
Address: carrer d’Aragó, 193

Very close to El Último Ágave there is this taqueria, where buena onda and homemade creations are the main ingredients of its success. Here Tex-Mex is prohibited since its menu is 100% composed by Mexican dishes. Some of their specialities are the taco de camarón with red shrimp, the chilaquiles with huevito or the charro beans.

Source: taquerías Tamarindo.