Are you tired of the same kind of plans again and again? Fancy a Monopoly game? In these board games bars in Barcelona you can do it.

It is clear that La Rambla and its surroundings have a Dark Side of the Force that is worth discovering: Hell Awaits, the Wax Museum or the Polaroid bar are some examples. However, if you want to play Risk or Trivial while drinking beers between turns, things get complicated. Have a fifteen minute walk to Arc de Triomf area, where the famous Barcelona Friki Triangle is located. Here you can see things you wouldn’t believe, such as Death Stars on fire off the shoulder of Morag. Or Nicolas Flamel’ s philosopher stone. In this case, there are some board games bars in Barcelona that are worth visiting. Don’t worry, they are suitable for all publics.

Firefly Drinks & Game

Address: carrer de Bailén, 43

It is one of the most popular board games bars in the city. It welcomes from neophytes of the dice to masters who need a drink after fleecing the Visa at Norma Comics. One of its attractions is their wide range of mead brands. They usually organize merchandising raffles, tournaments and occasionally, talks about zombie literature, comics and other genres.

juegos de mesa en barcelona
Mead brands at Firefly.
Len’s Comic Café

Address: carrer de Bailèn, 47

There is a place in Barcelona where Comic-Con is celebrated 365 days a year. In which you can have a Dorayaki snack, play a Doctor Who Trivial or do a Star Trek marathon. That’s Len’s Comic, one of the first comic cafés in Barcelona. If you have the typical silly afternoon in which you want to leave the house but you do not know very well why, come and go, things always happen here.

juegos de mesa en barcelona
Everything you can imagine is at Len’s.
Kaburi Roll & games

Passeig de Sant Joan, 11

Kaburi is a place for experienced geeks who know what they want. If you are a rookie at this you can be overwhelmed. It is a store specialized in board games (they have more than 300 to choose from) of all the themes. They have a cafeteria area so you can try them and another space for wargamers to make theirs. They usually organize tournaments and talks with creators of board games.

juegos de mesa en barcelona
Surrealist board games at Kaburi.


Address: carrer de Aragó 343

No, you don’t need to be the Simpsons comic book guy to spend the afternoon between dice. Butyklan is the proof. It’s the bar where football fans go to suffer with the bungles of their team, old people play domino and nostalgic ones show off their knowledge around a Trivial board. You can also play pool, billiards or table football.

juegos de mesa en barcelona