The Canaletas Fountain is the meeting point of those FC Barcelona’s supporters who want to celebrate their team’s victories.

Awarded football teams usually have a symbolic place to celebrate their victories. A meeting point for the supporters who want to feel their colors. For Real Madrid’s  merengues there’s nothing more impressive than their  Cybele Fountain painted in white with thousands of fans singing the Hala Madrid hymn. Same happens with Neptune fountain and Atlético de Madrid fans. Finally, Catalans celebrate FC Barcelona’s triumphs at the Canaletas Fountain

Someone walking through La Rambla for the first time expects culés meeting point being an impressive monument. What you find up is a modest gray fountain with golden taps attached to a streetlight. Surprising, especially if you don´t know the story behind it.

Canaletas Fountain at La Rambla.
The story of the Canaletas Fountain

The Canaletas Fountain is seven years older than FC Barcelona.  It was built in 1892, at the beginning of La Rambla street. What is more, it names the first strecht of the walk, Rambla de Canaletas. Its story goes back to the XIV century and refers to the channels that carried the water from Collserola mountains to the city. It’s a mandatory stop for Barcelona visitors not only for its football interest, but also for its legend:  if you drink from its water, you’ll come back to Barcelona. That’s cheaper and more pragmatic than throwing a coin, isn’t it?

FC Barcelona’s followers began to honour here their team’s special moments in the early 1930’s. At that time, there was a sports newspaper called La Rambla whose headquarters were located in front of the fountain. The only way they had to check season’s results was going there and wait for the journalists showing the final scores in a blackboard. This area was known for its relationship with FC Barcelona, thougt. Since 1878, there was a drink stall that worked as a debate space for football supporters. 

The newspaper closed down in 1939 due to Franco’s censorship and the parade in 1951 because of its relationship with FC Barcelona followers and Catalanism. In spite of these measures, The Canaletes Fountain became a symbol. Furthermore, it has witnessed both La Rambla’s evolution and the 123 awards accumulated by the team since its foundation. If an important march is coming, is usual watching some fans with the official shirtt.