Are you staying in Barcelona on Easter? Escape to Cardona and Montserrat and discover the medieval past of Catalonia, the most impressive Salt Mountain in Europe, the Basilica of Montserrat and how a Catalan brunch is done.

What is the point of being on vacation if you don’t do something special? Staying in Barcelona is cool. You have Gaudi, bread with tomato, beach and all that stuff. Anyway, that’s what everybody does when visiting the city. What  about doing something different? You have the opportunity to get rid of this touristic routine and discover a different Catalonia. Here’s the plan: a getaway to discover Cardona and Montserrat with a brunch made in Catalonia. Sounds really good.

Cardona is a municipality located in the region of Bages that makes you live the medieval past of Catalonia. It is crowned by a castle built in the ninth century in which the Romanesque and Gothic styles merge. Here resided the Cardona Lords or the Kings without crown, a family with so much power and territories that only bent the knee before the King of Aragon.

que hacer en barcelona en marzo
Cardona’s Salt Mountain.


The tour continues exploring of one of the most impressive salt mountains in Europe. Gather your courage because you’ll dive 86 meters underground to see the incredible salt formations that Nature is capable of.

A Catalan brunch and the mountain of Montserrat

So many emotions makes you hungry. That’s  why after visiting the medieval fortress and the Salt Mountain, you’ll taste a brunch that includes three typical Catalan tapas combined with a glass of white wine, another of red wine and to top it off, one of cava. Perfect to get energy for your next stop.

cardona y montserrat
La Montaña de Montserrat tiene uno de los paisajes rocosos más impactantes del mundo.


The experience ends in the mountain of Montserrat, known for its peculiar rocky landscape. There is a certain spirituality here since here is the Basilica of Montserrat, where La Moreneta Virgin rests, the patron saint of Catalonia. Do you feel that? You have managed to relax, enjoy the moment and feel that you’ve learned a lot of things of Catalonia in just one day.