Catalan cuisine is a big deal and the best places to get into it are in the heart of Barcelona.

Escalivada, pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato), butifarra … Catalan cuisine is something you must try, especially if you call yourself foodie. There are two ways to discover it: through a grandmother’s recipes and the appropriate restaurants. This is about the second option.

1. Casa Agustí

Address: carrer de Bergara, 5

Average price: € 30-35

They have been in La Rambla since 1936. That means they perfectly know how to capture the freshness and variety of Catalan cuisine. The restaurant smells like nostalgia and history since the decoration has not changed in the last sixty years. You cannot miss the Catalan spinach (sautéed spinach with raisins and pine nuts), butifarra amb mongetes (grilled sausage with dried beans) or classic “bacalao a la llauna”.

catalan cuisine
Source: Casa Agustí


2. Rambla Café

Address: La Rambla, 118

Average price: € 15-30

Rambla Café is the foodie corner of Palau Moja, the Catalan heritage house. With this title, they are under the obligation of serving traditional dishes such crema catalana (Catalan cream) or escalivada (smoked grilled vegetables). And they really fulfill the expectations. The atmosphere is so cozy that makes you want to spend the afternoon between coffees and chocolate. Most of all: it is the perfect place to discover the history and heritage of Catalonia in the hands of the old palace of the Marquis of Comillas.

catalan cuisine
Rambla Café | Source: Rambla Café


3. La Taverneta Barcelona

Address: carrer del Bonsuccés, 7

Average price: € 25-20

Very close to the Rambla Café is Taverneta, the perfect place to enjoy a vermouth. It is better to eat from Monday to Friday to try their daily menu. It costs € 10.50 and dishes do not disappoint. Its main dish are meatballs with cuttlefish.

catalan cuisine
Handmade desserts | Source: La Taverneta,


4. Julivert Meu

Address: Carrer del Bonsuccés, 7

Average price: € 15-20

They say to offer the best of Catalan cuisine since the seventies. Despite being in the center of Barcelona, ​​the atmosphere is rustic and peaceful, as if you were in a catalan Catalan farmhouse lost in the mountains. Some of their specialties are the roast of escalivada and tuna, xatonada or more forceful dishes like the feet of pig.

Source: Julivert Meu


5. El pintor

Address: carrer de Sant Honorat, 7

Average price: € 20

The most attractive point about this restaurant is location: the atelier of a renowned painter who lived in the Gothic Quarter in the nineteenth century. An intimate and discreet space, perfect to enjoy a romantic dinner away from the hustle and bustle o Las Ramblas, Barcelona main street. They are masters of Catalan cuisine so they prepare their meals with fresh market products. Have a sit in the window placed at the second floor and enjoy the view.

Restaurant El Pintor | Source: El Pintor.


6. Can Culleretes

Address: carrer d’en Quintana, 5

Average price: 35-40 €

According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the oldest restaurant in Catalonia. It opened in 1786 as a chocolate café and in 1890, it became a restaurant. That was the moment when they acquired popularity among locals and travelers. Until our days. In general, you can try traditional meals like butifarra with beans or wild boar civet. However, the most interesting experience is having then 1786 special menu to like they did 231 years ago.

catalan cuisine.
Source: Can Culleretes


7. Les quinze nits

Address: Plaça Reial 6

Average price: € 15-20

It combines Mediterranean tradition with some touches of modern cuisine. For that reason, it is perfect to satisfy foodies and classics. This variety is reflected in its menu, which offers all a foodie needs to have a full experience: from cannelloni or Palamós fish soup to tuna tataki with avocado.

Paella Mixta | Source: Quinze nits.