Lots of centenary stores in La Rambla have closed down in the last decades. These are the ones that have survived to economic and social changes.

La Rambla has always been the heart of commercial life in Barcelona. An example of this is La Boqueria, a fresh food market dating from 1217 that today is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Not all historical stores of Barcelona have had that fate. In recent years, many have hung the sign of ‘closed’’ for different reasons. These are the centenary spots in La Rambla that are still alive (and should not disappear).

Nuria Restaurant

Located at Rambla de Canaletas, it opened in 1926 and soon became the meeting point for celebrities, artists and politicians of the time. Here an important fact for brewers: Barcelona’s first beer pump was installed here.

Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona.



Casa Beethoven

In English, Beethoven House. The motto of this specialized shop is “music and partitures since 1880“. It has contributed to the musical development of important Catalan artists such songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat or pianists and composers Isaac Albéniz or Enrique Granados. It is also known for having an archive of 30,000 music documents! If you are looking for a partiture, you’ll find it here . If not, they have the means to get it.

negocios historicos en barcelona
Casa Beethoven entrance.


“Granjas” of Petritxol street

They say brevity is the soul of wit. It works with all things in life, except chocolate. There is a place in La Rambla ruled by cocoa. It is called Petritxol street and it is full of centenary chocolate coffee shops. The most popular ones are Granja M. Viader (the inventors of Cacaolat) or the Swiss from La Pallaresa.

Swish chocolate at La Pallaresa | Source: Kristina Perdida.


Pastisseria Escribá

This patisserie was founded in 1906 and since then they have not only made cakes, but “created illusions”. It is impossible not to look at your window for two reasons: the first, the decoration. The second, its irresistible cakes, palms, muffins or croissants. If you do not end up drooling the glass, it’s that you’re not human.

negocios historicos en barcelona
Escribá pastisserie.


Farmacia Nadal

Founded in 1920, it still preserves the original decoration of those years. It is an example of those historic businesses in Barcelona that in spite of the reforms, they still maintain the original façade.

Farmacia Nadal.