Are you in love with that fresh and cheerful blondie with whom you share hopes, laugh and good moments? Find her in these craft beer bars in Barcelona.

When you become a beer expert, Spanish brands like San Miguel, Moritz or Estrella Damm are not enough. You need to try new flavors and textures. In that moment you decide to experiment. These craft beer bars in Barcelona are a good place to do so. They are at La Rambla and surroundings, a perfect area for exploring the most emblematic spots of the city.

El Drapaire de la Cerveza Artesana

Address: carrer del Rosselló, 515

Very close to Plaça de Catalunya there is this old Barcelona tavern specialized in brewery, baggles and baos. Its twelve beer taps contain mainly Catalan elaborations. However, there is also space for the English and, of course, Belgian beers.

cerveza artesana en barcelona.
Source: El Drapaire


Craft Barcelona

Address: carrer del Paradís, 4

Is there a better combination than craft beer and live music? Maybe Nutella and bread. Anyway, at Craft Barcelona you can drink and eat while listening to new bands. Accompany your sweet barley nectar with some delicious pinchos, it worths the while.

cerveza artesana en barcelona
Source: Craft Barcelona.



Address: carrer de Villarroel, 60

It is the unofficial embassy of Belgium in Barcelona, ​​a medal given by serving the best beers of the waffle country. The bar has a big screen showing both audiovisual art pieces or football matches. From time to time they schedule concerts and jam sessions. Moreover, if you want to improve your Spanish or Catalan, you can do language exchange here.

cerveza artesana en barcelona
Belchica bar| Source:



Address: carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere.

Let’s refute a cliché: veggies enjoy good food and drink. To embrace this option is not condemning yourself to a life of chard, spinach and carrot forever and ever. Ale & Hop is a restaurant specialized in vegetarian cuisine that also offers ten types of craft beers. The vast majority of its meals, are made with raw material from its vegetable garden at Alt Empordà. By the way, if you are more a wine person, they also have ecological options that are worth tasting.

cerveza artesana en barcelona
Source: Ale& Hop



Address: Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 7.

Its Danish and literally means ‘cold basement beer’. A few steps away from La Boqueria market there is this bar which used to be specialized in fruit smoothies and Spanish tapas. However, they decided to make the  difference and become a brewery reference. Not only for its fifteen beer taps, but for being pioneers in serving beer cocktails.

cerveza artesana en barcelona
Beer cocktaiks at Kaelderkold.


Beer linale

Address: Carrer del Carme, 7

They combine the best of European beer with Mediterranean cuisine and the result is excellent. The abundance of offer can be overwhelming since they have thirty beer shooters and the pizarres of the bar are full of proposals. Don’t worry, the staff is aware of this saturation of information and if you tell them what you like, they will bring you the beer you need. They have a lot of German, Danish and Belgian products but they also bet on the autochthonous ones.

cerveza artesana en barcelona
Fuente: Beerlinale.