Barcelona becomes part of the C40 network after signing  the Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration.

World’s largest cities are becoming aware of the important role they play in addressing climate change. That’s why they’ve joined forces to drastically reduce greenhouse gases emissions and increase energy efficiency. Barcelona has ratified its compromise in this issue by joining C40 network, a group of metropolises which, based on the Paris Agreement objectives, are addressed to buying only zero-emissions buses from 2025 and make major areas free of fossil fuel emissions by 2030.

Barcelona is conclusive when talking about climate change : there is no time to lose. Mayor Ada Colau says: “States compete against each others. They make declarations and pass laws but it takes a long time to putting them into practice. As a consequence, citizens see how pollution levels keep on rising and this harms their health. ” Council answer to reduce pollution is increasing pedestrian areas, bike paths or green spaces and incentivize  shared transport.

Barcelona is not the only city that has recently signed up for the C40 team. Paris, Copenhagen, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City and Los Angeles have understood that fighting pollution from city councils is faster than from states. Now is time to wait for the promises to be fulfilled. Maybe La Rambla’s destiny is becoming Barcelona’s most ecofriendly street. Who knows.