Carlos Raluy, owner of Circo Raluy, wants to recover the live shows that made famous Barcelona’s London Bar.

Barcelona’s London Bar (carrer Nou de La Rambla, 34) had all chances to become one of those historic stores defeated by new times. News of its closing arrived almost a year ago, condemning to follow the same steps as Musical Emporium and La Montserratina pastry shop. Luckily, hope is the last thing to die. That’s what has happened. Carlos Raluy, director of Historical Raluy Circus, has announced that he will recover this emblematic bar to turn it into a gastronomic and artistic spot.

Carlos Raluy wants to turn London Bar in a reference of culture, art and gastronomy. He is preparing a time cocktail mixing traditional circus shows with new generations. It will also schedule live music and variety show performances. As for the foodie spirit it will serve cold dishes and tapas made with national products, as well as quality wines and fruit smoothies.

The London Bar of Barcelona opened in 1910, becoming a meeting point for artists, intellectuals and circus lovers. Picasso, Miró, Gaudí, Ernest Hemingway, Antonio Machado, Carlos Gardel or the Frediani family came through his bar. Raluy is already working on the refurbishment of the premises and “reconverting it into an emblematic place”. During May, it will announce the reopening date. We will see if it recovers the spirit of the old times.