If your perfect weekend plan includes ABBA, bingo and karaoke, these original bars in Barcelona will blow your mind.

Hey you! Yes, you young person with old soul. Yes, the one who prefers spending the night playing board games than waiting for the line to enter the Apolo disco. Yes, the one who is able to spell Lady Gaga’s real name and dances Saturday Night choreography as if it wasn’t a tomorrow, pay attention. We have an offer you can’t refuse. Check these original bars in Barcelona and experience first-hand the true meaning of kitsch. Don’t miss anyone!


Address: Plaça Reial, 7

It is known, above all, for being one of the oldest live concert bars of La Rambla. In fact, if you like indie and rock music, every weekend they schedule shows by groups that are not yet mainstream. Their star plan are antikaraokes, events in which you can put yourself into Madonna’s bra to sing Like a Prayer . All this with a real band setting the pace.

original bars in barcelona.
Antikaraokes at Sidecar bar.


Madame Jasmine

Address: Rambla del Raval, 22

Do you want to see something geeky, disturbing and really decadent? Go to Madame Jasmine and freak out. The Zebra walls tell (in their own way) the story of Jazmine, the most beautiful woman in the Raval at the end of the 19th century.  The place is flooded with bizarre photos, chairs and colorful tables. Hence, there is a performer called the Dog Man who likes doing what these animals do, such smelling asses or eating from a bowl.

Madame Jasmine’s bathroom (seriously, this is the most regular bathroom we’ve found).


Sor Rita

Address: Address: carrer de la Mercé, 27.

Entering Sor Rita is like immersing yourself in the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Spanish movie All about my mother. The decoration is a mess of leopard prints, statues of saints and high-heeled shoes. Furthermore, on Mondays they organize tarot sessions, on Wednesdays cabaret shows  and on Thursdays, karaoke. They also do, from time to time, bingo games.

original bars in barcelona
Fuente: Sor Rita

El Cangrejo Bar

Address: carrer de Montserrat, 9

Cabaret atmosphere, burlesque spirit, Madonna in the background … Welcome to the Cangrejo, one of the most unknown original bars in Barcelona. Every Friday and Saturday, from 23:30, there is a drag show not suitable for fussy people. They also have a special retro-disco-bar area to dance those songs you won’t ever recognize you love.

bares originales en Barcelona
Picture from El Cangrejo.



Address: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 39

Near La Boqueria market there is a moderate version of Sor Rita bar. Piscis is one of those original bars in Barcelona that have become a tribute to kitsch. Their red lights, a happy owner behind the bar and the eclectic decoration confirm it. By the way, they have a warming for tourists: they do not speak English but their cocktails are awesome.