Some rock bars in Barcelona to get Psycho and letting your hair down.

There is more in the city than hipsters at Primavera Sound or half shaved millennials raving around. Marina used to be an area for rock and metal lovers but its most famous spots are both disappearing or changing their essence. Here some rock and heavy metal bars in Barcelona to show that this style is more alive than ever.

Hell Awaits

Address: carrer de les Tàpies, 21

Hell Awaits is the name of Slayer’s second studio album released in 1985… and one of the most important metal bars in Barcelona. Its decoration is everything a heavy needs to feel like home: an Iron Maiden Eddie statue, the infernal shield of Mötorhead, good beer and a table football to kill time. The space is small, just enough to find out which shampoo brands hairy heavies use to get that shine.

rock bairs in barcelona
Source: Hell Awaits
Makinavaja Bar

Address: carrer de les Carretes, 51

We have mentioned Makinavaja bar as one of the best spots to drink vermouth. However, it also stands out for its eclectic music selection: from ACDC to flamenco, reggae or indie (everything but reggaeton or electronic beats). It is a tribute to Makinavaja, a famous Spanish Comic character who became popular during 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. There are jam sessions every Tuesday and life music and with vermouth on Saturdays. Don’t forget trying their patatas bravas or bombas.

Vermú Rock session at Makinavaja.


Bollocks Bar

Address: carrer Ample, 46

The brief and the good twice as good. That’s what happened with punk band Sex Pistols, which revolutionized the United Kingdom with a single studio album: Nevermind the Bollocks, here the Sex Pistols. This place is more chaotic than the message of Anarchy in the U.K. The walls are drowned in posters, graffiti, photographs and clippings; accessing the bar is sometimes more complicated than leaving a Black Flag pogo and there is a motorcycle hanging from the roof. A motorcycle!  God save the Queen and rock in Barcelona.

Fuente: Tripadvisor
Psycho Rock & Roll Club

Address: carrer de Piquer, 27

A few steps from the Columbus Monument you’ll find a place that will drive you crazy. In fact, it takes its name from Psycho by The Sonics, one of the first garage rock groups. True to that purity of the sixties, it is known as a real rock and roll bar. That kind of places where you can find bands like The New Raemon, Helmet or Moby before playing at Sala Apolo. The Psycho bar also welcomes all types of audiences, from locals wanting to try something new to pure rockers, travelers and fans of Muse.

rock en barcelona
Psycho Rock & Roll club.
Mojito Rock

Address: carrer de Valldonzella, 30

The Mojito Rock gives what it promises: a quite complete rock soundtrack and the best mojitos that you can take to the throat. Do not expect gutturals, strident guitars or crazy drum solos. Here they play pure and classic rock, like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or The Beatles.

rock en barcelona