Here is a selection of the most popular and original bars in El Raval. Is anyone missing?

Knowing all bars in El Raval is impossible. Even people who perfectly know the neighborhood discover a new spot from time to time. Here is a selection of those sites you can not miss. Are we missing any?

El Rabipelao

Address: carrer Riera Alta, 50

It is known for its salsa nights and a natural talent when preparing mojitos. They are also specialized in Venezuelan gastronomy, especially in arepas (they have a wide variety) and ceviche. Book here to get a 30% discount.

bares del raval
El Quim de La Boqueria

Address: La Boqueria Market, La Rambla, 91

It is located in La Boqueria, Las Ramblas market. Sitting in the bar to enjoy some tapas is almost impossible. It is always crowded! If you’re lucky enough, you run the risk of finding out what gastronomic polyamory is. That is, everything looks so good that it is difficult to order just one thing. Some of their most popular dishes are the oxtail of the house, breaded artichokes or squid with eggs. And to top it off, beer brewed by themselves.

bares del raval
Source: El Quim.


Address: carrer d’Escudellers Blancs, 3

Punks and skaters in Barcelona know that they have a place next to La Rambla. Nevermind is where you drop after an afternoon burning the wheels at MACBA. It’s grunge made bar: chaos, graffiti, boards, a skate park, furniture that does not make any sense … And all this with Bad Religion or the Dead Kennedys roaring in the background. Definitely, the kind of site you could find at Berlin’s Kreuzberg.

bars in el raval
Fuente: Red Bull.

La Rosa del Raval

Address: carrer dels Àngels, 6

It is one of the most popular spots in El Raval. Not only for its eclectic and flashy decoration, but also for being one of the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona. In other words, here you come to have dinner and drink.  First need is solved with nachos and enchiladas. Second one, with their chelas, tasty mojitos and margaritas.

Source: La Rosa del Raval.


Bar Marsella

Address: carrer de Sant Pau, 65

Founded in 1820, it claims to be the first active bar in Barcelona. Moreover, since then, its decoration has not changed. During  the times art nouveau and the Moulin Rouge it was known for serving the best absinthe in Barcelona. In fact, it is said that Picasso and Hemingway organized some revelries here. Today, locals and foreigners continue to enjoy this cursed drink.

bares del raval
Source: Bar Marsella.

La Rouge

Address: Rambla del Raval, 10

It is one of the most authentic bars in El Raval. It is eclectic, multicultural, local and concerned about giving voice to emerging talents. Hence, throughout the week, concerts and stand up comedies are scheduled. Thus, all drinks cost one more euro in order to help these novice artists.

bares del raval
Source: La Rouge.

L’Ovella Negra

Address: Carrer de les Sitges, 5

In this rustic tavern located next to Las Ramblas began the legend of the Ovella Negra. The most rockers know it for the great industrial ship they have in Marina but real neighbors know that everything started here. The ideal plan is having dinner, a few beers and play some table football matches to start the night.

bares del raval
Source: Ovella Negra.

La Monroe

Address: Plaça de Salvador Seguí.

The Filmoteca de Catalunya (Catalan film library) could not have chosen a better name for its bar. Like her, this spot is sensual, elegant and modern. A diaphanous space to spend hours debating on how to marry a millionaire or if gentlemen prefer blondes. If you’re in the mood, ask for the Bloody Mary with a ration of killer jerky or golden eggs.

Bares del Raval.
Fuente: La Monroe.