If Ronald McDonald had  the Arya Stark’s kill list, the best burgers in Barcelona would be in the first places. Go to La Rambla and discover them.

There’s a chapter in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ in which Marshall recognizes that one of his life’s aspirations is to find the best burger in Manhattan. In his words: This is no mere sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread, Robin. This is God, speaking to us in food. If your know that feeling, do yourself a favor, go to La Rambla and try the best burgers in Barcelona.

1. Bacoa Universitat

Address: Ronda de la Universitat

Bacoa landed in 2010 to warn McDonald’s and Burger King that their glory days were over. Consecuently, they have become a gastronomic reference. Furthermore, they serve one of the best burgers in Barcelona. Here you can customize the bread, the meat and the extras, giving rise to numerous combinations. If you want to be original but not complicate your life, try the Asturiana (blue cabrales cheese and caramelized onions), the Japonesa with teriyaki sauce or the house choice with pickles and homemade mustard.

best burgers in barcelona.
Source: Bacoa.

2. Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona

Address: Plaça de Catalunya, 21

Hard Rock Cafe is more American than Donald Trump’s hair. So, it’s obvious they SHOULD have the best burgers in Barcelona. Among its rockiest proposals you can find the Original Legendary Burger-so epic even the name has copyright- the Atomic Burger with jalapeños, the Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger or the Big Bang Burger with black wine and mushrooms from Montseny.

best burgers in barcelona.
HRC Burger at Hard Rock Café Barcelona.


3. Bernie’s

Address: Via Laietana 20

Placed at El Born, this business is a real American dinner: retro 1950’s decoration, wooden floor, red sofas…(the furniture is imported from the United States. Get over that). Honoring their Born in the USA spirit, they are specialized in burgers, grills, entrecots, milkshakes and pancakes. If you feel like having a meat overdose, dare with Bernie’s challenge 400 grams: two 200-gram burgers with their cheddar cheese, onion and special sauce. Is that a challenge accepted?

Source: Bernie’s burger.

4. La Central Hamburguesería

Address: Via Laietana, 45

Not far from La Rambla, if you walk to the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​you’ll find La Central Hamburguesería, a place where everything is homemade. A clear example that if you want something well done do it yourself. The meat is natural and you can choose between veal, Black Angus, ecological of the Pyrenees or chicken Campero. They also bake the bread and serve craft beers. Fall in love with the Bristol burger, with smoked bacon and spicy chutney, the Tana with buffalo mozzarella and pesto or the Iberian.

best burgers in barcelona.
Fuente: La Central Hamburguesería.

5. Barrachina Meat burger

Address: Plaça Sant Josep 8

Located at the gates of La Boqueria market, here you can enjoy first quality meat and also, take it home. The place is small without pretensions, you may have to wait a bit to be served. For its Galician blonde cow steak “Dry Aged”, sirloin skewers or Nebraska’s Black Angus, it’s worth it. A clear example that beauty is inside.

Barrachina burgers.

6. National burger

Address: carrer Nou de La Rambla, 32

It is a hamburger and steak house, so they have experience in meat experiences. If you have the innovative day, dare your Chilanga with smoked chipotle and homemade mayonnaise, the Basque with idiazábal cheese and caramelized apple or the secret NB. It’s easy to understand why they are among the best burgers in La Rambla, right?

Source: National Burger

6. El Informal

Address: Rambla del Raval, 32

They cook their hamburgers with the best raw materials and are very careful with the presentation. Have a look at the restaurant. Its vintage style is a magnet for foodies and cool hunters. It is possible to combine the meat with the bread you want and also have veggie options -quinoa burger is highly recommended-. Besides, they’re dog friendly.

Premium Black burger at La Informal Hambrguesería.