Are you hungry? Well, we recommend you NOT read this post about what the tastiest and original Catalan Easter cakes are.

Easter eggs are also a tradition in Catalonia but there is no bunny hiding them. Instead, they are inside a cake made with coca bread, surrounded by chocolate and with fears and little chickens. They’re called Monas de Pascua and as happens with caganers (the Christmas figure that is represented in the act of defecate)  they can be presented in different ways: animals, Pixar toys, soccer players, traditional ones… They’re usually given to kids but they’re so tasty you’ll go back to these innocent good times.

Pastissería Escribà

Address: Gran Vía 549

Always surprised with the original designs of their Easter Monas. This year, the main theme is Star Wars (well, from Escribà and almost all the bakeries in Barcelona).

Mona de Pascua.
BB-8 shaped Catalan Easter cake.


Oriol Balaguer’s Unicorn

Address: Plaça de Sant Gregori Taumaturg, 2

Oriol Balaguer is one of the most important pastry chefs of all times. Chocolate is its raw material par excellence and has several locations in Barcelona to try his creations. The closest to Las Ramblas is La Xocolatería, where they sell the cutest Mona de Pascua in Catalonia …

monas de pascua
Unicorn Easter cake.


Pastisseria Santa Clara

Address: carrer de la Llibreteria, 21.

It is a traditional pastry shop founded in 1834. The place to go if you want to recreate the History of Barcelona bit by bit. Here you’ll try the real and typical Monas de Pascua. Sweeeeet…

monas de pascua.
Chocolate Easter cake.


Pastisseria La Colmena

Address: Plaça del Angel, 12

La Colmena is another traditional bakery located at the Catalan capital. In fact, it is one of the oldest ones since it dates from 1849. If you want to buy a Mona and not getting disappointed, this is the place.

monas de pascua
Barça themed Mona de Pascua.


Casa Vives

Address: Rambla Catalunya 58

It has been sweetening the life of Barcelona citizens since 1895 and we hope that for a long time longer! Casa Vives is known for its home made bread but also for its chocolates and candies. Have a look at the Mona de Pascua of the picture: traditional, eggs cooked in shell submerged in coca. None of those modern things with M&M’s and Kit-Kat.

monas de pascua
Traditional Mona de Pascua by Casa Vives.