Looking for a special place to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here is a selection of romantic restaurants in Barcelona to fall into Cupido’s plans.

They say the best way to conquer a person is through the stomach. Knowing that San Valentine’s day is here, we bring you a selection of the most romantic restaurants in Barcelona. Of course, they are located at La Rambla and surroundings. Do you know them all?

Rambla Café

Address: carrer de la Portaferrissa, 1.

Rambla Café is a perfect option for a first date. Not only for the decoration or the nice staff, but for its Mediterranean-inspired menu.  You can’t miss their botifarra with mushrooms or the vegetable lasagna. From time to time they organize Paint Nites, events that fuse a painting lesson given by a local artist with local wine tasting. For Valentine’s Day they are raffling off a tasting menu with local wine marriage for two people.

Rambla Café | Fuente: Rambla Café


El Pintor

Address: Carrer de Sant Honorat, 7

Located at the heart of the Gothic Quarter, the restaurant is the old workshop of a 19th century painter. Its story is present in its decoration: brick walls, dim light, paintings and old photographs … The place is tiny, so it is better to arrive with time and, if you are lucky, sitting on the top floor. Perfect for a lovely dinner.

romantic restaurants in barcelona
Restaurante El Pintor | Fuente: El Pintor.
Matsuri sushi bar

Address: carrer del Regomir, 01

Dining in a Japanese restaurant is always a good alternative to celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year. But if it’s the Matsuri, the victory is assured. Don’t expect classic salmon maki or butter fish nigiri in the menu. Matsuri goes beyond and fuses Japanese gastronomy with Brazilian cuisine. The result are dishes as evocative as Osaka (banana tempura and eel with salmon roe), Maki bara (salmon tartare makis with citrus) or Thai Ball (meat balls stuffed with steamed quail eggs served with spicy sweet and sour sauce and coriander).

restaurantes japoneses en barcelona
Fuente: Matsuri sushi bar


Flax and Kale

Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 74b.

Not only one of the most romantic restaurants in Barcelona, but also the healthiest one! It is specialized in flexitarian kitchen, that is to say, vegetarian with caprices. That’s why 20% of the menu includes recipes based in blue fish. As a result, there are Supertagliatelle with salmon or Captain Sturgeon.

Fuente: Flax&Kale.

Bun Bo

Address: Sagristans Street, 3

This Vietnamese spot is in one of the most romantic places in Barcelona: Isidre Nonell Square, known as the Kiss square. Its decoration is an explosion of color: dozens of paper lamps illuminate a furniture not suitable for sober people: purple sofas, turquoise blue walls decorated with traditional illustrations of the country, checkered tablecloths … Their menu offers typical dishes such as the Pho rice noodles), fried wonton or Asian bowls. Also, if you go during the week, the menu costs € 10.

restaurantes románticos en barcelona
Fuente: Bún Bò Viêtnam.

Tapas Bona Sort

Address: Carrer dels Carders, 12

La Bona Sort is a restaurant that occupies an old palace from the 17th century that in the 19th century became a popular hostel in La Rambla. Its amplitude allows having several spaces that give the place real personality. These include a stunning living room with stone and exposed brick walls, two terraces (one interior and one exterior) and an antique design bar. As for the menu, its specialty is Mediterranean tapas and meats. It is one of the most complete romantic restaurants in Barcelona.

restaurantes románticos en barcelona.
Terraza interior de Tapas Bona Sort.