The Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona are at La Rambla and surroundings. Do you know them?

The trend of japanese restaurants in Barcelona arrived a few years ago. Such has been its success that today, we can talk about a boom of these places. Don’t make a mess and discover the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona close to La Rambla, Raval and the Gothic Quarter. 

1. Matsuri Sushi Bar

Address: Regomir street, 1

It is probably one of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. Forget typical ramen and sashimi salmon and discover new sensations. Seriously, here you’ll find original creations such salmon tartar or banana tempura with abocado. You’ll come back a thousand times to try all their menu. 

restaurantes japoneses en barcelona
Source: Matsuri sushi bar
2. Sushi Ya

Address: Quintana,street 4

It is located close to Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona opera house.  They are specialized in sushi, makis, sashimi, donburi, teriyaki, yakisoba and japanese tapas. Then, it is the perfect place to introduce your friends to Japanese cuisine since they have an umpretentius menu.  Best of all? It is not as expensive as other restaurants.

Source: Sushi Ya


3. Bouzu japanese tapas

Address: Sant Antoni street, 26

Travelling to Osaka without leaving Barcelona is easy if you know where to go. At Bouzu, you’ll enjoy authentic japanese tapas as if you were in an Izakaya. Sushi is not the principal plate of this place. They go beyond that with  okonomiyaki (japanese pizza), okowasa (octopus marinated in wasabi) or Maguro Don (rice bowl with salmon or tuna with soya marinated).

japanese restaurants in barcelona.
Source: Bouzu restaurant.

4. Kynoto sushi bar

Address: Correu Vell street,  8

Located at Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, they fuse Japanese gastronomy with Mediterranean or Mexican cuisine. This means you’ll find from current gyozas, edamame or wakame to caramelized scallops salads,  tuna tataki with jalapeños or see fruits tartar. 

restaurantes japoneses en barcelona
Source: Kynoto Sushi Bar
5. Koy shunka

Address:  r d’en Copons street, 7

It is maybe one of the most high quality Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. In fact, you just have to get inside their web to confirm it. Such is they loyalty to Empire of the Rising Sun that theit menu is translated into Japanese. They merge  traditional Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean spices and  ingredients, creating different plates such as: bonito tataki, barnacle juice or shrimp tartar.

japanese restaurants in barcelona
Source: El Periódico.