There’s no better way to celebrate International Kissing Day than showing Barcelona’s romantic spirit. That’s embodied in ‘The World begins with every kiss’ mural.

Whoever established February 14th as Valentine’s was wrong. As for Barcelona, ​​April is the most romantic month of the year: Spring is here, it is Sant Jordi’s month and the International Kissing Day is celebrated. To top it off, we have the perfect artwork to celebrate this moment of love: The world begins in every kiss mural, located at  Plaza Isidre Nonell.

Installed in 2014,  it is signed by by photographer Joan Fontcuberta and ceramist Antoni Cumella. It was created to commemorate the three hundred years of the Fall of Barcelona on September 11th, 1714, an important date in Catalonia. The mural is made up of 4,000 photographs sent by the readers of newspaper El Periódico that form the image of a kiss. Fontcuberta highlights that the motto of The world begins in every kiss is ‘Live free‘. A message that encourages facing the future with love and enthusiasm despite the difficulties; like people of Barcelona after the September 11th defeat against the Castilian troops. He didn’t want a Wailing wall but “a wall of joy and optimism for the future”.

If you search in Google which the most romantic cities in the world are, you’ll notice that Barcelona is in almost all the rankings. The mural is just one more evidence that this city is perfect to celebrate International Kissing Day. If you still need to unleash your love, we suggest you visit Las Ramblas or take a look at these charming restaurants.