Don’t know what to see in Barcelona? Discover Casa Bruno Cuadros or The Umbrella House, an example of modernism in Barcelona beyond Gaudi.

La Rambla is such a crowded street that sometimes is difficult to enjoy it. When you think about what to see in Barcelona, it is the first tourist attractions that comes to your mind. Sometimes, this makes difficult to enjoy the walk and appreciate the details that make it that special. Casa Bruno Cuadros or The Umbrella House is one of this.

This building is one of the most shocking spots in La Rambla in Barcelona. Furthermore, the most outstanding elements are a big dragon holding and umbrella and its mosaics. It  was built in 1858 but Bruno Cuadros, his future owner, won’t settle his business of umbrellas, fans and shawls until some years later. He did so well that in 1883, he took over the upper floors and assigned Catalan architect Josep Vilaseca y Casanoves to design the façade.

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Casa Bruno Cuadros or The Umbrella House at La Rambla in Barcelona


In those years, modernism was at its peak and Barcelona was preparing for the events that would open the city the doors of the world: the Universal Exhibition of 1888. It is said that Vilaseca was just back from Japan when he accepted the project. Hence, he let his oriental inspiration fly work inside and outside the building. Even more, he decorated the façade with open umbrellas, lanterns and fans and designed a dragon to protect and keep the business. If you don’t know what to see in Barcelona beyond Gaudi, this is a good idea. Casa Bruno Cuadros or The Umbrella House was inaugurated in 1883 and impressed locals.

The dragon is, undoubtedly, the most outstanding element of the building. This mythological creature turned into a symbol of modernism. What is more, dod you know that are around 400 dragons scattered around Barcelona? What would Khaleesi say about all this?